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HOw to get Started with AI Adoption in your business

Three easy options to look at.

Your Cloud & AI Platform.

AI as a Service with Adaptive AI.

Co-Development Partnership.

Custom AI & Automation - Finance

AI in Finance

Enhance loan processing and risk assessment. The expected outcome is to see a significant increase in processing efficiency and a reduction in risk-related losses.

Co-Development of AI & Automation Solutions - Healthcare

Healthcare Scheduling

Optimise staff scheduling and patient appointments. The Outcome will be to see a reduction in scheduling conflicts and enhanced efficiency in patient appointment management.

AI as a Service - Talent Development

AI in Talent Development

Do you develop an effective talent acquisition strategy? Through our Adaptive AI Engine, we will offer AI as a Service, including AI Copilots to automate the resume screening process and identify optimal candidates.

AI as a Service with Adaptive AI Engine in Sales

AI Sales Assistant

AI Copilots for real-time customer data analysis and personalised sales recommendations.

Building AI Solutions to meet your needs

At Adaptive AI Ventures, we understand that each business has unique needs and priorities, especially when it comes to integrating AI and Automation into their operations.

 To cater to these diverse requirements, we offer three distinct options:

YOur cloud - your AI Platform

Developing AI Solutions in your secure environment

We build and deploy AI and Automation solutions within your existing environment, tailored to work seamlessly with your chosen AI platform – be it Microsoft Copilot, Open AI, Google Gemini, or AWS Bedrock.


Security: Your data remains within your controlled environment, ensuring compliance with your security policies and protocols.

Simplicity: Seamless integration with your incumbent systems and platforms minimises the learning curve for your team.

Customisation: Solutions are tailored to fit perfectly within your existing infrastructure, providing a solution that aligns with your business processes and goals.

Ideal For: 

Businesses with established AI platforms looking for bespoke solutions that integrate with their existing ecosystem.

AS as Service

AI as a Service with Adaptive AI Engine

We offer AI solutions as a service, utilising our proprietary Adaptive AI Engine. This option includes Copilots that securely access your data and offer intelligent automation and insights.


Data Security: Secure data access protocols ensure your information remains protected while leveraging our AI capabilities.

Ease of Use: Our AI as a Service model is designed for simplicity and ease of integration, regardless of your existing infrastructure.

Scalability: The Adaptive AI Engine is scalable, making it suitable for businesses of any size and adaptable to changing needs.

Ideal For: 

Businesses seeking a flexible, scalable AI solution without the need for extensive in-house AI infrastructure

Adaptive AI Partnership

Co-Development of AI & Automation Solutions

We collaborate with customers to co-develop AI and Automation solutions. This partnership approach focuses on creating solutions that address specific business problems or capitalise on new opportunities.


Joint Innovation: Leverage the strengths of both parties to create innovative Industry relevant solutions that are more effective and market-responsive.

Shared Expertise: Gain from our AI expertise while contributing your industry-specific knowledge, leading to more targeted and efficient solutions.

Market Opportunities: Co-developed solutions open avenues for joint go-to-market strategies, potentially unlocking new revenue streams and markets.

Ideal For: 

Companies looking to collaborate on innovative AI solutions and explore new market opportunities together.

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