Adaptive AI App

Utilising the Adaptive AI App to develop Innovation challenges.

Adpaitve AI App

AI Skills Application post Training

The Adaptive AI App is a cutting-edge gamification platform designed to facilitate innovative, AI-driven post training application of new skills in various business environments.


  • Personalised Learning and Development
  • Measurable Return on Education (RoE)
  • Enhanced Innovation and Problem-Solving

Ideal For: 

  • Business Leaders and Managers
  • HR and Talent Development Professionals
  • Individual Professionals

Using our Adaptive AI APP

Revolutionising Post-Training Skill Application.

Our approach focuses on individual post-training development, tailoring the application of new skills to each person’s role and responsibilities within the organisation.

Define the Problem

These could be Retention of knowledge, E-learning completion, what is the ROI, E-learning completion or Collaboration.

Determine your goals

Innovation with new skills, application of knowledge, Return on Education, behaviour change and business impact

Decide Behaviours & Emotions

Challenges to compete with each other, collaborating, posting reviews, staff retention, Innovation and exciting new developments

Describe Profile your Staff

Why do staff play games? To compete, to socialise, to explore, learn, innovate or to earn a sense of accomplishment?

Design your Innovation strategy

Creating an actionable plan to bring about a desired experience.

Diagnose and Analyse

Once you have crafted your game, the most important thing you can do is to review it.

Let us help you with AI skills adoption.

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